ABOUT JULIA AMAYA: After completing her studies as a lawyer with a specialization in labor law, Julia wanted to turn her life 180 degrees and pursue her dream and greatest passion: creating her own clothing brand.

Inspired by colors, her love for flowers, and the moments of intimacy and wellness that were part of her daily routine, she wanted to create the perfect pajamas for her: beautiful enough to wear even in front of strangers, and colorful enough to fill with life and color the soul of those who use them.

THE BRAND: Founded in Colombia, Olivia & Elisa is a stay-in and comfortable clothing brand. Our garments are made with Colombian products and made by Colombian hands.

We are inspired by nature and the awakening of senses through colors, those that with their power influence our emotions, attitudes, decisions, and make our life and soul vibrate.

We believe in the magic of dreams and the materialization of them, that is why our garments are made with the combinations and the comfort needed to generate a rest that will recharge you with energy.